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Monday Memories

I was delighted to go and watch Joanne Harris and the Storytime Band on Saturday night in Ampthill. Expecting some readings from her books, I was pleased to see a combination of songs, readings with background music and even Joanne playing the flute.

Each short story was presented eloquently and linked either to 'love' or woven around the theme of 'cautionary tales.' It was brilliant to hear fresh material and to have the experience of a band performing between each story with a related song. Brilliant!

I first read 'Chocolate' in 2000 and soon after read 'Five Quarters of an Orange' on a bus trip to Paris, appropriately. I fell in love with the French books and then explored the short stories in 'Jigs and Reels.' Following on with 'Blue Eyed Boy' and several other stories, Joanne's writing soon became my favourite and I have always enjoyed everything she has written. Currently reading 'The Gospel of Loki' and excited about her upcoming novels.

Getting her to sign a copy of one of her books finished off a lovely evening with my good friend, Nicola. I fully recommend going to see Joanne perform her work and, of course, getting a copy of one of her wonderful novels and trying for yourself.

Saturday Thoughts

The royal wedding today was very different from any that have come before it. It was an eclectic mix of music and speeches along with a vow that concluded with, 'I will' instead of 'I do'. I wish the new royals well but I will miss watching Meghan in 'Suits.'

Crazy times

Has anyone else had a manic week?

Here are my top five suggestions for chilling out when you have limited time.

1) Use every available ten minutes to close your eyes and have a power nap (making sure you have an alarm on your phone).

2) When driving, turn up the radio and open the windows, imagining you are in a movie, with not a care in the world (other than the amount of tax that comes with earning many millions of dollars).

3) Buddy up with a  work colleague and give each other mini-shoulder massages at lunch time. One can be eating while the other is massaging and then you can swap roles.

4) Drink plenty of herbal tea to rejuvenate and energise.

5) Before sleeping, carry out relaxation techniques such as closing your eyes, stretching and relaxing each muscle in your body, from feet to cheeks.

Welcome to my blog where I hope to make everyone familiar with me as a fledgling writer.

I am so excited to have established my very first website and am pleased to invite anyone to give feedback on my work as they wish.

Whilst starting out in March 2018, my main aim was to write a novella, which should be ready by June. Not being able to wait that long I packaged together a collection of fresh contemporary stories about dating, heartache and loss. I hope that you take the time to glance through them as they mean a lot to me and hopefully will resonate with each reader in a unique way


How to write Young Adult stories (otherwise known as YA Fiction).

1) Write in the first person so that the reader can follow the character and empathise with their building narrative.

2) Try to refer to social media and the internet and current slang or acronyms (fmsl, tbh) but don't overdo it.

3) Include a school or college environment and a dance, party or prom of some kind - always works and often translates into YA television such as 'Stranger Things' or '13 Reasons Why.'

4) Deal with issues related to growing into adults. These themes never change. Emotions related to self-identity, coming out, traits of geekiness, jocks, emos etc.

5) Remember your own experiences of growing up and the tortures of being a teenager. Try to have moments of love, self-accomplishment and overcoming obstacles.

If you want to be totally nostalgic, why not set the narrative in the period that you were a young adult, such as the nineties? (throw back to the 80s or 90s)