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Books are like cake.

The more you try, the more you want.

Book Me In!

Lately I've been reading far more than ever before and so I made the decision to start a youtube channel (or Booktube). I wanted to use this space to discuss the books that matter to me and initiate conversations about them.

Having created the channel I now have regular videos which cover work by a range of fiction authors along with some stand-out biographies.

Each week has a segment about YA books. So far I have looked at the following:

Love, Simon by Becky Albertalli

Let it Snow by John Green and friends

The Prom by Maureen Johnson

I also have a segment where I open up new books that I've had delivered and share my TBR list (to be read) as well as a bit about my all time favourite writers, known simply as 'Adore-thors.'


Let's Read Together!

Here goes...

I am excited to start refreshing my website and introduce some new material. Throughout lockdown I have been building stories and getting to know interesting and colourful characters who will hopefully engage you as they unfurl in future books.

It is wonderful to read a variety of fiction books and lately I have been reading more widely than ever. Perhaps you will check out my upcoming book reviews which include books by Liane Moriarty, Matt Haig, Joanne Harris and many more brilliant authors.

Take a look at my free samples of short stories and snippets from my very first novella, for which Ihave had some encouraging and heart-warming reviews.

Most of all, thank you for taking time to indulge me and read some of my comments, narrative, general ramblings and anecdotes.

     CRUELLA - Review

I was intrigued and excited to learn that Disney were putting the famous Cruella Deville into a new story. The trailer looked stunning and it was clear that this was going to be fascinating to watch. There was always the chance that it could be a dud though, just like the disappointing 'Aladdin movie of 2019.

Emma Stone was well cast as the woman who was obsessed with fashion and was overshadowed by the death of her mother. To add Emma Thompson to the mix was a clever move and the two leads worked together incredibly well, creating real awkwardness and tension.

The narrative followed Cruella as a child, giving an insight into her troubled youth. It then fast forwarded to her twenties as she tried hard to make headway into the fashion industry. Being picked up to assist Emma Thompson's baroness, she later plotted to create her own brand whilst somewhat stamping on some of her close friendships.

With a sixties theme, a brilliant soundtrack including some Nancy Sinatra songs and a stunning backdrop of locations, this movie is well worth a watch.

Thompson and Stone were brilliant in their roles and the storyline was carefully written. 

My review: 5 stars.   

Mystery House Has A Hold Over Drew and Siobhan.

Drew and Siobhan are busy with A-Levels and driving lessons and all of the usual things you would expect from two people getting ready for university life. On the way to buy clothes from a nearby town, they cycle past an abandoned country house. At least they assume it is empty when Siobhan's scarf blows onto its dusty yard.

They think nothing of going to fetch the scarf but learn that afterwards their lives are changed forever. 

Have you ever felt like you are being watched?Did you sense eyes looking right into your mind?

Strange things soon happen that freak both of them out. Suspicious birds seem to follow them everywhere. Someone has started messing with their lives.

With a grandmother whose instincts are themselves mysterious, a father suffering from a limiting medical condition, and feelings for a friend that are definitely confusing him, Drew begins to take matters into his own hands. 

'Being Watched' will be released as a novel this autumn.

Welcome to my brand new website.

This will be a place where books are worshipped and I can share my short stories and novellas.

My short story publication had been released on Amazon as an e-book. Click here to sample it.

Jamie Adams - Second Glance

First impressions always count. That is what they say.

We all know that snap judgements can often be wrong. You can't judge every book by its cover. 

These short stories deal with presumptions, jumping to conclusions and the hurt that first impressions can lead to.

Every situation deserves a second glance.

Buy it now for 77p on kindle/ free with kindle unlimited

Stories I Am Reading Now

Due to it being summertime and me finally having some time off from work, I will be throwing myself into lots of books and starting to share my thoughts on them.

Everybody knows that I love a good contemporary book and I am also partial to a YA fiction story or two.

Here are the books I am midway through:

Writers and Lovers (by Lily King)

A young woman, who rents a space in a garage and works all hours as a waitress, is busily dating two writers, while herself aspiring to be one.

Three words to describe it: Neat, fresh and engaging.

Different Class (by Joanne Harris)

St Oswalds private school returns with some characters that were introduced in 'Gentlemen and Players'. I have only just opened this book up and read chapter one but I am already totally engrossed.

Three words to describe it: Intriguing, INTRIGUING, INTRIGUING!!!

Three Wishes (by Liane Moriarty)

After reading six chapters I already feel like I know these three grown up triplets and their complicated lives. The question is, how do their lives spiral out of control?

l always enjoy Liane's stories and especially the way she uses the close third person to home-in on each character, alternating with every chapter.

Three words to describe it: Clever, witty, captivating.

Leah on the Offbeat (by Becky Albertalli)

Following on from the incredible 'Love Simon' book, we now focus on his best friend Leah, who questions her sexuality and is drawn into lots of situations which confuse her further. This chatty, modern story is brilliantly told by the extremely talented author, whose work also led to the TV series, 'Love, Victor'.

Three words to describe it: Relevant, modern, funny.

NEW EXTRACT 21st March 2021

Celia was on her way to work. She took the same route that she always took. It was about 8 o’clock and the sun was bright over the horizon. As she crossed the road to enter the park, which was the shortcut she had followed every day for ten years, she suddenly had visions of forgetting to pick up her phone. Rummaging through her handbag, with the sun’s sharp rays causing her to shield her face, she kept walking across the path and was just about to enter the bit that led through the park when…Crash!


It had all happened so fast. Celia was spinning around, trying to take in what had happened. One minute she had been feeling around in her bag for her phone. The next minute she was in the centre of a huge drama unfolding. Just as she had crossed the path she had failed to notice a guy in the cycle lane who had had to suddenly turn to avoid her as she backtracked slightly, averting her eyes from the blinding sun. At the same time a cyclist had emerged from the park, rightfully travelling on the cycle track side of the path but not expecting a dithering pedestrian to divert another bike into his pathway.


Not for one moment did Celia assume that any of this was caused by her actions. Instead she screamed. Confirming that she hadn’t remembered her phone after all, she yelled at the top of her lungs to get some help. She then dropped the bag and stepped back to steady herself before trying to catch her breath and take everything in.

This is from the short story 'Race to Make a Decision' in my 77p book 'Second Glance.'

Here it is - the first sneak peek at my novella!

I lost my rag a bit. I told that Alfie’s dad what I thought of him. Alex just shouted back at me a lot. He reckoned my son had screwed up the whole play. I lifted my arm up in what seemed like slow motion, about to make a move towards him with my clenched fist. Before I had had time to follow through, I felt someone grab my wrist. Alex ducked anyway and stepped back as the teacher pulled my arm down and asked me to take a few minutes outside while he quizzed the boys to find out what had gone wrong. I had to assume the play just carried on as the rest of the school building seemed barren and deserted still.

When I got out into the fresh air, I took a deep breath and started to wish that I smoked. My blood was boiling. I could not face the other parents knowing, or thinking they knew, that my son had messed up this Easter production. God knows what the Missus would say. No doubt she would blame it on me, as usual. My legs caved and I sank to the floor, back against the wall, knees bent. Alex must have found somewhere else to hide. I was glad he was not around or I would have been tempted to knock his block off at that moment.

New Extract!!

The weather seemed great this morning! Jack scurried around in a whirlwind of excitement, knocking things over with his toy sword as he pretended he was a pirate. Kate scooped everything together and pinned a sun hat to his head before leading him out of the door and up the driveway. The boot crashed closed and after strapping him into the child seat she adjusted the mirror, secretly checking her make up. She was as ready as she ever could be. This day out was sure to test her. Whatever came her way, she was not prepared to let her emotions spoil his first trip to the seaside.

She checked her texts and her mum had wished them a good day out whilst reminding her to fetch some suntan lotion. She nipped back to collect some from the bathroom before finally setting out down her street and off into the sunny countryside that surrounded her. It was a beautiful day. Birds swept overhead, chirruping. Car bonnets shimmered brightly in the morning rays of sun which urged her to switch the air conditioning on. Jack was keen to listen to some of his favourite music. Unfortunately for Kate it meant trashy kids' songs all the way to Hunstanton. The word Hunstanton resonated with Kate uncomfortably. Her hairs seemed to be standing on end at the very thought of the Norfolk town.

Jack asked her lots of questions about the sea.

'Why is it there, mummy?'

'How big is it?'

'Is there a plug hole to let the water out if it gets too full?'

She had a lack of answers and so made some up to appease him, hoping she would not get found out as a fraud who knew nothing about the sea. Well, she did not like to think about it. There had been a time that she had visited the beach a lot. But even in those days, she had always been in awe of the ocean.

Stopping at a service station, the two of them bought some sweets to nibble on for the rest of the way there. Jack was in high spirits but Kate was nervous. A shiver went down her spine as she saw a few seaside postcards lurking by the pay desk. She gathered what she had bought and chucked them into the back seat. Her head was spinning. Perhaps they could find a kid's play zone instead. No. She must carry on. Deep breaths. Those postcards had got to her. Jack soon distracted her.

'Mum, how long until we get there?'

'Not long. Maybe twenty minutes.'

'Can we buy a bucket and spade?'

'Yeah of course.'

Kate wished that all of her problems were as easy as that to solve. The things that she longed for most could not be bought in a paraphernalia shop. 'Keep going,' she thought.

New Novel - Forthcoming

I am so excited about sharing my first full YA novel with you. Below is the intro paragraph. I hope that it leaves you wanting more.

I simply couldn’t look her in the eye. I shied away from her gaze as I tugged her up from beneath the scratchy hedge that had protected our falls. With a cut lip and some already visible bruises, I was feeling worse for wear. She had a bump on her cheek and a few grazes, but seemed to have come off better than I had. It was difficult to get back to reality and regain our focuses after such a traumatic event. Glancing back over my shoulder, I could see the house looking almost unchanged. It seemed to stand more erect than before apart from the shattered windows of the conservatory and the door that was hanging off its hinges. It blew in the wind and banged loudly every second or two. It’s rhythm was awkward and seemed to resonate within my chest. She looked at me and caught my eye. We had survived something that only we could ever understand. Nobody would even believe us if we told them. It all started that day when I suggested we look for her stupid blue scarf. But it was not her fault. Far from it. It needed to come about in this way. I can remember everything right from when we got together that morning to cycle into the woods.