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Reese Witherspoon has a knack for picking out great books and turning them into must-see limited drama series. She did this with 'Big Little Lies' and has now created a cleverly filmed retelling of Celest Ng's mind-blowing second novel, 'Little Fires Everywhere'.

Life in Shaker Heights was lovely. Everyone kept their lawns a certain way, with grass allowed to grow to a limited length. The happy, sleepy town was everything it's planners had aspired for it to be. Modern, traditional and dreamy.

But had the town actually gone to sleep? A beautiful house burning down and a sweeping set of wake up calls, especially within the Richardson family, suggested that a shake-up had arrived. A wake up call. 

It all began with the settling in of Mia and her daughter Pearl. She was an artist that needed a home and Elena (Reese) was happy to give her one (for a low rent and as long as Mia (Kerry Washington) worked for her as her part time cleaner).

This ride through a story of lies, motivations, love and shame, is extremely satisfying as it discusses issues such as acceptance and making snap judgements about people and places.

I totally recommend having a look at episode one and I bet you'll quickly become absorbed in everything 'Shaker Heights' related. 

'Little Fires Everywhere' is available on Amazon Prime.


A scary concept but compelling TV.

So, Amazon threw a new series into the mix last month which has really got people thinking. A series with plenty of well known actors in and a peculiar concept running through its blood.

Can a computer matching program find your true soulmate? Can a simple scan provide enough information to be able to tell you the person on the planet who is destined to be with you, regardless of boundaries?

Well, in episode one we soon find out. Peer pressure builds on characters who are surrounded by friends that have done the mysterious test and had results which have changed their lives, not necessarily for the better. 

One guy did the test and then lost interest in awaiting the outcomes as sometimes your soulmate may not already have completed the test themselves. In his case, the soulmate wasn't exactly being honest with him either.

Another couple agreed with each other that their relationship can be open, as long as they both know about it. But when one of them decides to take the test, suddenly the partner is less trusting of the situation, fearful that the new formed friendship may run too deep.

Marrages are destroyed and faith is tested. Just because many people believe this matching app is able to find the love of your life, does that mean it is always the case? Or is it just oversold? Maybe it's fake news even. 

Find out by tuning in to this brilliant Amazon Prime series which tells separate stories of people struggling to come to terms with the significance of the Soulmate craze.

This show is full of outstanding actors, dramatic scripts and thought-provoking scenarios. Check it out soon.